Sleep Like A Champion

Sleep Like A Champion!



Did you know top athletes choose Sleep Master® Sleep Mask
to enhance sleep recovery?

Along with conditioning and nutrition,
undisturbed rest is necessary for optimal performance.

Here's how...


sleepmastersideview.oceanblue-no-bg.jpgExclude Light

Many top-performing athletes are coached to achieve the best possible sleep. “Humans have exquisitely sensitive retinal ganglion cells in our eyesthatdetect even the faintest amount of light and send feedback to our brains to wake up,” says renowned sleep expert Dr. Joseph Kainin.

Nick Littlehales, sleep coach of star athletes, suggests blocking windows by sealing them with black plastic sheeting.  But this is not always practical or efficient. Athletes often rest and sleep in diverse surroundings including planes, buses and hotel rooms—often in shared rooms, and on varying schedules.



Reduce Sound

The National Sleep Foundation reports that while you sleep, your brain continues to register and process sounds on a basic level.  Noise can jostle your slumber—causing you to wake, move, shift between stages of sleep, or experience a change in heart rate and blood pressure—so briefly that you don’t remember it the next morning.

As Littlehales points out, you might sleep on a couch and think, “Oh yeah, I slept okay,” when in truth, you probably didn’t sleep well enough to reach your optimal physical and mental performance the next day.


Simple Solution

Athletes need practical, comfortable sleep solutions that don’t interfere with their optimal sleep positions, block all light and reduce ambient noise. That’s why top athletes choose Sleep Master over all others!  Some examples:

  • US Olympic swim team
  • Netherlands Olympic swim team
  • Ben Greenfield (fitness expert)
  • Tim Ferris (best-selling author/lifestyle/fitness expert)
  • Kelly Starrett, DPT (CrossFit® expert)
  • Tim DiFrancesco  (head trainer, the Lakers)

Please let me know when you notice improvements from getting better sleep like learning new skills more quickly, more energy/stamina, less aches and pains, less anxiety and quicker decision making. : ) 


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