November 25, 2014 - Sleep Master is proud to be the featured sleep mask recommendation in The WireCutter Travel Guide (“What You Need to Travel Well”)...

“The Sleep Master sleep mask is the absolute best eye mask for a dark night’s sleep because it blocks light while still being comfortable. No scalp irritation or skull squishing here.The Sleep Master’s satin cover and its thick band make it our hands-down winner…”

The Sleep Mask By Sleep Master® - Customers Are Raving...

Awful Days Before My Sleep Master by Alison Thompson, October 15, 2014:

“Hello folks at Sleep Master! I have had my Sleep Master sleep mask, which at this moment is perched on my forehead for pre-bedtime, for literally 12 years. This thing saved my life. I'd been a terrible insomniac for years. I also get severe migraines. In fact, I'm at the point where it's like my "Linus blanket," in that I sleep fitfully if ever I forget it at home. As far as the migraines, I've been getting them since age 5. Before my Sleep Master, these were awful days, as nothing was sufficient to block noise and sound. Over the past 12 years though, my migraines have been livable. Nothing blocks light better than the Sleep Master. Anyway, thank you for continuing to make this amazingly helpful, excellent quality product!!"

Satisfied customer Phillip Lafollette from Columbus, OH wrote us on November 20, 2013:
"Before retirement I worked the night shift and slept during the day. Regular sleep masks did not keep the light out and I heard every noise made. I decided to try the Sleep Master sleep mask. I was skeptical with the claims but they are true. I was able to sleep a full 8 hours during the day so I could stay awake during the night. Once I had the mask adjusted to my head size all I had to do was slip the mask over my head then off to sleep. I would recommend buying it to co-workers. If I don't believe in a product I don't recommend it. This product lives up to everything claimed."

January 29, 2011 We recently received this endorsement from Vincent of New Jersey. Vincent is a repeat customer who has purchased Sleep Master sleep masks for himself, his mother and friends. Thank you, Vincent! 

Take a look at this great video review by a Sleep Master customer! From September 9, 2010 


christmas-sleep-master-masks.jpgColleen Crawford from the San Francisco Bay Area sent this holiday photo to us on January 5, 2010: "Here is the picture of the three lovelies with their new Sleep Masters. They all LOVE them! Thank you so much~Colleen"

Colleen also posted this review on the Internet:

Best sleep mask on the planet, December 22, 2009
By Colleen Crawford (Northern California)
"In 2003 my husband bought me 4 face masks for Christmas so I could try several different brands. One of them just happened to be a Sleep Master. The other three didn't come close to comparing! The Sleep Master: I LOVE IT!!! I am buying 3 for my kids because they keep stealing mine. :) Six years later it is still in great shape, has served me beautifully in hotels, on airplanes and at home. It's comfortable, soft, doesn't mess up my hair during travel and blocks out all light. I recommend Sleep Master to everyone! Thank you Sleep Master for creating such a great product!"

Joanne Laino of Wilmington, North Carolina says: "This is the most fantastic product I have ever purchased in my life. My whole pattern of sleeping has changed. I have never been more rested in my entire life. Your product cannot be matched anywhere in the world...We totally believe in this product."

Murray Hays reported: "I just purchased a Sleep Master sleep mask. When I tried it out, I was VERY pleased. While I was sleeping, the lights were turned on. When I awoke during the night, I had to peek out of the sleep mask to check and see if the lights were on. The noise dampening effect helped a lot. I like the wide band that holds the mask on. I could barely feel the mask."

We received this testimonial from Calvin Kuehner: "I have been wearing Sleep Master for a month now, and I just wanted to tell you how much I like it! I have been wearing other brands for years, but I have never found one that blocks out all the light and reduces the noise as well. I am one of those souls whose spouse insists on sleeping with the light on and I insist on having it off! Sleep Master has solved this problem and both of us are happy! Thanks for a good product."

From Jennifer Hammack: "I received my Sleep Master several days ago...and...I LOVE IT !!! I'm not tossing and turning anymore, wishing bad things on the upstairs neighbors...or even wishing bad things on my husband for snoring. I had been looking forward to ordering and receiving the product...and it has managed to exceed my expectations!"

Gregory Black, of Elizabeth, Pa., had this to say: "Your Sleep Master is one of the best masks for this purpose that I've used in over a dozen years, easily." While Paula Recca, of Englewood, florida, CEO of Simply Therapeutic, told us: "I ordered Sleep Master for my son, who is a nineteen year old college student, and he loves it, and says it is the best he has ever had! He tells everyone about it, and I will be ordering another one for me. I hope your success continues to grow..."

From Anne Watters: "My brain stem was injured in a 1992 car wreck, which disrupted my serotonin levels, affecting mood and sleep. Even with prescription sleep aids, I have been unable to sleep continuously for more than four hours at a time...But with Sleep Master, I have been sleeping a FULL TEN HOURS A NIGHT! This much needed sleep has improved my serotonin use for sleep, which has in turn improved my mood! So I say - your sleep mask is like Valium with no downside! Yes, I'm sleeping quite well in the Valley of the Masks!"

Todd R. Levy, an MBA Candidate (2010) at the University of Denver, recently wrote: "After just a couple hours of napping with the mask, I could tell this was a quality product. As a person who suffers from sleep apnea, getting quality sleep is gold. This product provides me with the extra comfort and support I need, by limiting the number of distractions due to light and sound. I feel more refreshed and vibrant when I wake up in the morning"

"Fellow 'Power Nappers:' This Sleep Mask is a Must!" By Stephen D. McBride, M.D. from Las Vegas (January, 2009): "I have been using this sleep mask for the past few months, ever since a friend purchased it for me as a gift. I am a busy surgeon, and believe in the benefits of getting extra rest during the day by “power napping.” I have been amazed at the way the Sleep Master quickly induces a deep, refreshing nap, in any environment. After a few minutes of restful sleep with my Sleep Master, I feel re-charged, focused and ready to go. This outstanding product is a must for people in high pressure jobs with long hours. And, when I finally go to sleep at night, I’m getting the best rest I’ve had in years."

Smartly-Made, Solves the Problems, September 6, 2010 By M. Mulcahey "Double Double-Reed Dork" (Centerville, IA USA)The Sleep Master sleep mask is everything that was promised. I especially like the smart reinforcing in some places- like extra tight sewing around the nose. High quality velcro seems built to last ( I've had problems with this in other masks ) and the width of all parts really maximizes the masks ability to block out light. I can't say enough about this purchase.

Outstanding service, September 10, 2010 By Lynn Underwood I wanted to purchase the BEST sleep mask for my wife on our anniversary. I started by searching for: "the very best sleep mask". Sleep Master immediately came up. I disregarded this and searched for 2 more hours...looking at reviews and considering the company and quality. Well, I decided on the Sleep Master sleep mask anyway. Marc Gordon at the company provided outstanding service...advising me and taking on my order as if I was a personal friend. He REALLY cared what I thought! This product is outstanding but the company's customer service is off the chart!!!!! It is refreshing to do business with a company who really cares about the customer! Thank you Sleep Master! Thank you Marc! I will recommend this product and this company to my friends and relatives...and i have a bunch of them!

Love it!, September 13, 2010 By K. Gautreaux "Little Mother Hen" (Southern USA) I love this sleep mask! It is the first sleep mask I've been able to use that did not hurt my ears, plus it is such a pretty color. The material used is so soft and silky against my skin, and the mask is very well constructed. You won't go wrong ordering this product!

Thanks to all our valued customers, and sweet dreams!